Anastasia Vanadinov








1,72 m


61 kg

Birthday :

23 December, 707

Threat Rating



Anastasia Jegorskaya Vanadinova ( Анастасия Егорская Ванадинова ), coloquially known by friends as Nastja, is the current Heir Apparent of the Vanadis Empire. She is also a member of the Cabal , although currently on leave for her own business. She is a Dragoon.


Businesslike and honest, Nastja usually thinks of the bigger picture, and tries her best for her country to fulfill her duty as a leader.


Nastja is trained as an Elite Soldier of the Vanadis Empire, so she is very proficient in the use of the Gunbird , the polearm and machinegun combiweapon traditionally used in the Vanadis Empire. She has received extensive tutelage by her uncle, the Czar Vassily Vanadinov, and various Royal Advisors and teachers, having achieved a degree in Economics and Political Science, but still sees these areas as her weak points. She is also an adept tacticians, having proved her mettle as a general in various border skirmishes around Vanadis.

She is also one of the Disciples of Kamera Wache Neun, and as such, a master of the RaKrKa , although she is not able to perform the ultimate technique of the martial art, the subspace movements, as she doesn't have an android's mathemathical mind to calculate the subspace trajectories on the spot.


Her mother died in childbirth, while her father intrigued against the Czar when she was about the age of 6, resulting in his death when the assassination plot failed and her father was killed in combat with the Czar. She was subsequently adopted by the Czar himself, and thus became legally the Heir Apparent. As opposed to the Heir Presumptious, which is also the next in line for the throne, but could be superceded by the birth of a child closer related to the Czar, in this case for example herself before she was adopted. The succesion in the Vanadis Empire is Patrilinear and goes to the eldest offspring. Although it is technically legal and part of the constitution including adopted children, this is the first time in the history of Vanadis the throne would actually go to an adopted child, and Nastja would be only the second female Czar (Or Czaritsa). Thus she is not only known as the Czarevna ( Царевна, daughter of a Czar) but also the Cesarevna ( Цесаревна, daughter and Heir Apparent of the Czar).

Nastja took the death of her parents rather well, likely because she had spent more time with her teachers and her Wet-nurse than her father. The Czar himself was much more of a doting parent, and soon became her most important father-figure. After her homeschooling ended at the traditional age of 18, she entered the Imperial Military Academy of Vanadis and made her degree in Economics shortly followed by the degree in Political Science. During her time at the Academy she insisted on being treated like a standard recrute, instead of the Imperial Princess. This was not purely out of modesty but rather that she was afraid she would not receive as extensive an Education if everyone would go lenient on her.

Afterwards, she was part of the Army of Vanadis, and fought in the war against Westland as an Officer among the Eastern Flank.

She met Kamera Neun and Julius Esterhazy in combat there, and was impressed especially by the former. So when a high officer was supposed to represent Vanadis among the Cabal later after the cease-fire, Nastja immediately volunteered. The honour codex and practices of the Cabal greatly formed her and she became Kamera Neun's first disciple and closest friend during her years in the Cabal. Shortly before the Fall of Westland, she was ordered by her uncle to return from the Cabal and fulfill her duty for her country fighting various border skirmishes and terrorist attacks, all thought to be instigated by either the Shirovskaya or Dverska families.

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