Androids are humanoid robots that. Generally the word is used only for those that can function autonomously.


Androids are humanoid machines with an Artificial Intelligence inside. All known remaining Androids are artifacts from the past or apparently have fallen from the sky, the technology to replicate their mainframes is gone, and even the infrastructure and knowledge necessary for the repair of Androids is rare, and usually held by androids. The Thule Corporate Empire is known to be currently trying to reverse engineer Androids.

The typical android is fuelled by an internal atomic battery, and can recharge via several ways simultanously:

  • They can unfold Solar panels and recharge with Solar energy
  • Thermocouples and Peltier-Elements transform internally produced and external heat into voltage.
  • Inertial Pendulum elements similar to Self-winding watches increase the power-factor of theirmotions.
  • Regular recharging from direct current power sources

Androids are generally not made from hard steels and metals but soft carbonfibre materials, often strengthened with light weight Titanium meshes. Nonetheless they have far more durable bodies than all other humanoids, and are immune to fatigue, tireness, hunger and do not sleep like humans, meaning they can easily chase down and defeat most any creature by sheer perserverance.

They do often go into standy mode to preserve energy, and eventually, their moving parts can grind down and cause malfunctions, but their active life time is by far higher than that of living beings, and because they can exchange almost all parts except the mainframe easily, they are practically immortal.

Androids acquire their personalities typically by selective imitation of the personalities of the humans around them. Philosophers argue that Androids are not actually alive and conscious, but just answer and react in ways that resemble humans because they copy their behaviour. Other philosophers then ask in what way that differs from how other humanoids work.

As long as the mainframe is intact, the Android will not have "died" even to he has stopped to function. Even if the mainframe is damaged it is possible to reactivate them with damaged memories and altered personality sometimes.

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