Julius Esterhazy

Age :


Nationality :



Art of Brenner

Birthday :

4th November, 698

Threat Rating :



Julius Esterhazy is an accomplished Warlock and the current leader of the Magic Academy known as the Black Magic Circus.


Julius was born as the son of an established Family of Aristocratic Magic Users, but lost his parents in the war.

Julius met Kamera Wache Neun during the Westland Rebellion when he was only 9 years old , where he was one of many kids the WALF employed as scouts and messengers.

Afterwards he enrolled in the Black Magic Circus Magic Academy and, finishing his education, joined the Westland Army in 719. At this point the Black Magic Circus was essentially part of the Westland Military anyway.

He remained in the army until the war against Vanadis, but the things he saw in the Westland Army during Westland's age of Imperialism had already shocked and disgusted him so he left the service shortly after the beginning of the war with Vanadis to focus on serving as a teacher in the Black Magic Circus. He had already participated heavily in the organisation of the Circus and also in instruction, so he was quickly appointed as the Director in 738, when the old Director retired. He remained director for the last 6 years, having cleverly predicted the fall of Westland he had cut ties with the government to a minimum and so the Circus wasn't affected as much by it's fall as many other government funded organisations.

The personal and body of students did reduce significantly though.

During his time in the Westland Army he fought alongside Fley guerilla forces against the Thule Corporate Empire. There he met Nostraphex, leader of the largest tribe of Fleymen. Their relationship was fruitful and they became friends. After the fall of Westland he called on old favors and Nostraphex agreed to have his tribe protect the Summer Quarters of the Black Magic Circus, the Bunker City Opus Dei.

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