Kamera Wache Neun








1,7000 m


60,000 kg

Birthday :

6 August, 675

Threat Rating



Kamera Wache Neun is an Android that is known as one of the planet's best warriors and soldiers, and is a well-known hero of the Nation of Westland.


In his youth methodical and emotionless, later brash and impulsive, he is now known for his wisdom and timid behaviour. He thinks twice before doing something, and can be quite stubborn sometimes. Despite being a machine, he is very obviously capable of emotions. It is thought he acquired them in his upbringing by way of automatic imitation behaviour algorithms, like most Androids.


Kamera Neun is the inventor of the RaKrKa (Raumkrümmungs Kampfkunst, english: Space-Curvature Martial Art) a combat discipline that utilizes the bending of space-time to overcome distance. This allows him to focus solely on close-combat as he can reach any point within his field of vision within a split-second. He is extremely proficient with all kinds of close-combat weapons, especially knives and swords - which is why his main weapon is the Waveblade - but also batons, polearms, axes, nuchakus and various others. He is furthermore very formidable in Unarmed combat: As an Android his body is made of durable carbonfiber and steel materials and much more solid than normal humanoids. He also does not gradually tire nor loose concentration over time and is extremely resistant to Shock Tactics.

Although he prefers close-combat, he has been extensively instructed on the use of firearms, especially the Westland Army standard assault rifle. From his pupil Anastasia Jegorskaya Vanadinova he received some training in the traditional Vanadis Gunbird weapon.


His first memory is of a fall through space, which is why he is known as the Warrior who Fell from the stars. He was found in the Western Desert by the female technician Elisabetha Lark living in Baldrheim, who repaired him. The only thing Kamera Wache Neun remembered were his name and said memory. Although at the time he was found, which Kamera Neun regards as his birthday, Elisabetha was still in her twenties she taught Kamera everything he knows. In the beginning, Kamera learned very slowly and showed very little sense of individuality and autonomous behaviour but after a while it exponentially grew. Kamera regards Elisabetha as his mother, and he extends this sense of family towards her human children which he see's as his brothers and sisters.

He later joined the Westlands Armed Liberation Front and the Westland Rebellion against Baldrheim at the age of 32 where he started his long friendship with Warlock Julius Esterhazy and eventual Disciple Russel Norgaard . During the war he also killed Heinrich Schweizer, head of the Baldrheim Secret Police and Uncle of Nala Schweizer (Eventually known as Nyarlothothep) and became responsible for the Massacre of Meiiville . The first roots of his self-invented martial arts style started to form in this time.

After the Rebellion he joined the Westland Army and initiated the founding of the Westland Cabal, of which he was appointed the leader. Before he was appointed though, he journeyed to the Serano Archives in the far North of the Continent, and, partially based on the Ancient Knowledge her learned about there, fully formulated the tenets of his RaKrKa. In his time in the Cabal he met Anastasia and she became the first person to learn the RaKrKa besides Kamera himself, and his first official disciple. ( Although all the members received some training in the basic tenets of RaKrKa). He variously took extended leave from the Cabal though and travelled the continent alone, especially the Great Western Deserts. On one of those Journeys he reunited with Russel Norgaard who became his second disciple. During these journeys he also first faced Randolph Carter and his followers in his role as a terrorist.

Finally, shortly before the end of Westland he met up with Quarurabi Qel and she became his third disciple, but could not finish her training as she apparently died under mysterious circumstances in the Black Steppes south of the Cemetary Kingdom. At this point Westland had already dissolved, and the Cabal had become a mere tool of the Vanadis Empire. He resumed to travel on his own, helping those in need as he saw fit, still acting by the codex of the Cabal, and eventually happened upon the unconscious rabbit-eared girl he later dubbed Shooting Star.



Westland Army ComradesEdit

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