RaKrKa or RKK is short for Raumkrümmungs Kampfkunst (Space-Curvature Martial Arts) and as the name suggest it is a discipline of martial arts that includes the use of subspace in the higher levels of Mastery.




Formulated in 732 by Kamera Wache Neun after in-depth study at the Serano Archives in the far north of the main continent. After his return to Westland he applied the basic ideas and philosophy of the RaKrKa into the training curriculum of the Westland Cabal .Cabal member Anastasia Jegorskaya Vanadinova was the first to directly study under Kamera Neun and became his official disciple, learning the higher levels of the RaKrKa, but because of the lack of the electromechanical calculation abilities of the Androids she could not master the final subspace techniques. Nobody was able to master these until Russel Norgaard mastered them with the aid of Spatial Magic. With this he was allowed to take on disciples of his own to teach them RaKrKa.

Although not officially seen as his disciples, many members of the Cabal know some of the techniques of RaKrKa and implemented them into their own styles. From there, techniques of RaKrKa spread over the continent when the original multinational members of the Cabal disbanded and returned to their own countries.

Famous Practicioners of RaKrKaEdit

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