Russel Norgaard

Age :


Nationality :



Spatial Magic

Birthday :

1 February, 689

Threat Rating :



Russel Norgaard is Kamera Wache Neun 's second disciple. He is the only one who has fully mastered the Space Curving aspects of Kamera Neun's Martial Arts RaKrKa besides Kamera Neun himself.


He and Kamera met during the rebellion of Westland, where Russel was a high officer despite his young age and although Russel is not originally from any of the countries that became Westland. In fact he was a runaway vagabond. Afterwards he returned to Cornell and from there journeyed on to the Nation of Thule. There he helped organise the Thule Rebellion. He was however disgusted by the democratic choice of the rebels to become a corporate capitalist state after the successful coup d'etat and left the country. For a while he focussed on perfecting his sword skills.

There he met Kamera again and became his disciple. Because he was not an android though, he could originally neither sense the minsicule space-time-warpings that Kamera sensed, not calculate the 5-dimensional trajectories needed to find a path through subspace because he was not an Android. However, he trained long and found a different solution in the form of applying spatial magic instead of calculation and replicated the RaKrKa perfectly. He was therefore recognized by Kamera Neun as a Meister der Raumzeit, and allowed to take on his own disciples and teach the RaKrKa.


Russel is an accomplished close-combat master, and has surpreme skill with all kind's of close combat weapons, although he focuses heavily on swords and blades and can't use clubs and blunt instruments very well. His specialty is the twin sword technique, which he added to the RaKrKa curriculum. He owns a Waveblade, but prefers not to use it because of his weaknesses which he perceives as severe. Especially the lack of weight bothers him greatly, and the inability to block blows as the blade is immaterial. He is adept at Spatial Magic, and can create limited space warps. He mostly uses them to simulate the high-speed movements through subspace that Kamera Neun utilizes, but he is also capable of every general Spatial Magic feat, and very good in spontanously applying it, which is rare, as spatial magic is usually done with a lot of preparation.

He cannot use firearms very well.

He is an expert in survival techniques and can even slow down his heart rate to a near death coma.

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