Shooting Star

Age :

Unknown, ca. 15

Height :

1,66 m

Weight :

46,1 kg

Nationality :

Not born on the planet

Hair color :


Eye Colour :


Skin Colour :

Creamy White

Magic :

Art of Schneider


Shooting Star is the main focus of the plot of Hiderikan. She is a small rabbit-eared girl that is apparently not from the planet an able to use Innate Magic of the Art of Schneider.


Shy and timid, Shooting Star, or Shu as she is usually called, nobody would suspect her to be of much importance. Nonetheless she has an iron will and has been shown to go through training that others would regard as pure hell with little complaint. In stressful situations she calls upon her magic. She has lost all of her memories besides a fall from the stars and the absolute need to receive training from Kamera Wache Neun


Shu wields one of the rarest and most useful kinds of Innate Magic, the Art of Schneider. She is currently being trained in the use of it at the Black Magic Circus and shows great promise. Before that she received the basic tenets of the RaKrKa from Kamera Wache Neun, the inventor of RaKrKa . She is physically a very fit rabbitperson, and exceptionally agile, although a little weak.


Shu was picked up unconcious in the desert by Kamera Wache Neun, convinced him to teach him a little of his martial arts and was lead to the Bunker City of Opus Dei, the summer quarter of the Black Magic Circus Magic Academy. There she became a pupil of Julius Esterhazy, the current leader of the Circus.

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