Vanadis Empire
Imperial Vanadian Flag


Drakonograd ( Драконоград )


Absolutist Monarchy

Official Language



80.290 km²

Population (current)

61,2 million

GDP (current)

$ 1,9 billion


Vanadian Crown

Head of State

Czar Vassily Alexeivich Vanadinov

    (Василий Алексеевич Ванадинов)


The Vanadis Empire is one of the super-powers of the main continent. It is one of three countries populated majorly by Dragoons and a constitutional but Absolutist Monarchy, ruled by the Czar.


Formed in the distant past by legendary warlord Leyman Vanadinov it has a proud history exceeding 1000 years to look at. It developed from a small mountain country into a large Empire, first by militaristic expansionism, later by forming bonds with aristocratic marriages with other Monarchies around them.It was then plagued by a period of civil war that lasted for almost 100 years until the constitition which is still in use today was written. The current Czar implemented large reforms and eased busines and industry the way between the years 640-650 , turning the country into an industrial high state. However the country has been falling behind rapidly, and was severely weakened by the emerging Westland, whose economy and scientific advances caught up with Vanadis almost immediately.

It also possessed the ressources Vanadis had to import from other countries. When Westland began stationing its military in neighbouring countries, Vanadis saw this as a sign of open hostility and declared war.

During the war it became clear that despite outside appearances, Westland was rotting from inside. Supply lines where being derailed and sold off, military commanders thought only in terms of their home state instead of Westland as a whole and the legislative kept interfering with the Military Command to further their own ends in other foreign countries, so the Westland Army was easily pushed into the defense. A ceasefire was agreed upon and eventually, peace treaties were signed under the condition that an Internal Affairs Unit would be created to stop the rampant corruption in Westland. This would eventually become the Westland Cabal.

Nonetheless Westland eventually collapsed and Vanadis was once again the most influential and powerful country on the continent, rivalled only by the Thule Corporate Empire.

However, the Czar is now extremely old and suffering from severe diseases. With no offspring, the question of the heir is dubious, although he himself has appointed Anastasia Jegorskaya Vanadinova there is only one female Czar or Czarina recorded in the history of Vanadis. It was largely the current Czar's doing that ended the civil wars and already the feuding aristocratic families are boiling beyond the surface, ready to retake the throne by violence if necessary. Only the wise and undisputable hand of the Czar could have kept them from going at each other during his rule, which is about to end...

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