Westland Flag


Nova Samarkand


Federal Communist Republic

Official Language

German, English


980.751 km²

Population (732)

132,1 million

GDP (732)

$ 2,8 billion


Westland Dollar ($)



Westland, or more correctly the Republic of Communist Western Lands (or in german Kommunistische Republik der Westlichen Länder ) was one of the major countries on the Planet in the past, although it was actually an Union of States. As the name suggest, it is situated at the southwest of the main continent. The form of government was electorate communism, although in the later era corruption became so widespreads that no elections were held anymore. Shortly after it collapsed back into it's component States.


After the Great Drought in the years 702-703 many of the small southwestern countries suffered from famines and subsequent peasant revolts. The largest country, the Monarchy of Baldrheim, dealed with these insurrections with brute force and the founding of a Secret Police. Initially this proved great results, and soon they spread their influence over the neighbouring countries who were seeking help in dealing with constant rebellions. The Baldrheim Secret Police became a force of terror and surpression all over the area that would later become Westland.

Although some countries remained independent, mostly the democratic ones or those on the borders of the Great Western Desert, where the famine and drought was not having as severe repercussions, most others allied with Baldrheim.

The Secret Police turned into a paramilitary force and Baldrheim became the de facto ruler of an Empire. Eventually though, the Peasant uprisings had given rise to a more sophisticated underground revolutionary movement calling themselves Westlands Armed Liberation Front (WALF) in 705.

Backed by the still independent states and a few Magic Academies (Among them the Black Magic Circus) it became a powerful force and soon the Baldrheim Allied Forces were pushed into the Defense. There is evidence for various war crimes on both sides of the conflict.

After the defeat of the Allied Forces the remaining countries united and formed the Republic of Communist Western Lands in 707 , the year of the Second Great Drought.

The nation prospered and made huge ecological, technological and political advances and greatly increased its military strength.

In the year 726 eventually it turned toward Imperialism and began heavily affecting neighbouring countries. At first it used trade-embargos and political pressure to control various states over the continent which were reliant on Westland's ressources (Predominantly Iron Ore and Mineral Oil ). Eventually it began stationing military units to protect it's interests. It exponentially expanded these troops and openly engaged in warfare when the troops were not allowed to enter the country. Many of these stationings were carried out before being sanctioned by the Westland Senate by corrupt Senators. This blatant Imperialist actions eventually resulted in a War with the Vanadis Empire in 735 who was seeing its position of power endangered. After a ceasefire in 736 the Westland Cabal was formed, an elite group that was completely autark from the military complex and served not only as a comabt unit but also to investigate the rampant corruption and negotiation. In the following year the group's leader, Kamera Wache Neun who was also a military hero in the rebellion, scouted for promising soldiers in the countries under Westland's influence. In 737 as a gesture of good will several Vanadis citizens were taken into the Cabal, among them Anastasia Jegorskaya Vanadinova. Shortly afterwards an official peace treaty was signed.

Despite the Cabal's efforts, which was officially agreed to be turned into an international Peacekeeping force, the bureacracy of Westland itself decayed more and more and was eventually unworkable. It became essentially impossible to reach decisions without using bribes and corruption to sped up the bureaucratic process.

Westland officially disbanded after the last Chairman, Isidore Gabriels officially resigned in 739. Gabriels and his faction was some of the last resistance to the corrupt government. Most Senators returned to being the head of state of their country, and Westland splintered.

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